Testing... 1,2,3... Is this thing on?


It's summer. Wow. Things got a bit away from us. Super amazingly crazy busy right now... but wanted to thank everyone that has been coming out lately. Our crowds keeps getting bigger.. last week at Chucks we have people coming in from Barrington, Naperville and Rockford... to WISCONSIN! 

Yeah... it's summer. Check the schedule and you'll see we have a TON of big and important shows at great bars and fests. Lots of those will feature the expanded band... Messengers plugged in and with full lead guitar and keys. (thanks Chris and Bob... you make us sound great.) 

But... enough. This goes out to all the fans... we have a VERY big show coming up this Friday in the far south at 115 Bourbon St. We're playing early... in the beer garden, and then our good friends Billy Croft and the 5 Alarm take the main stage. If you were going to travel.. this would be a good one. It's the straight 4-piece you know and love... but with lots of new songs at one of the best venues in Chicagoland. We're even going to do Geronimo....

Thanks for the continued support. August is looking huge for us... bring out your friends and let us know what the next round of songs should be. Uptown Funk was a crowd suggestion and it's KILLING. Hope the summer is going well for you all... and see you out there. 

Must remember... it's a marathon... not a sprint. We're not really good at that... lol.