New videos posted

So... we continue to be the hardest working... yet least posting band... in Chicagoland. So far this year we're at about 75 shows... and on track for 100 this year. So you know why we never have time to post.

BUT... when we get new video from Chuck Brown and his crew of one of our shows... it's time to hit the interwebs. We just posted 2 songs from the "Big Messengers" show at Tailgaters last March. (Yeah... Chuck is as busy as we are.)

Our board feed got screwed up at this show.. so you get camera sound only. But I think it still sounds good and shows how much fun we all were having. We'll have Chuck back for a multi-track audio show soon.. but in the meantime, check out the new videos of "Slide" and "Country Girl Shake it For Me."

More "Big Messengers" shows coming up (cough... Firewater Saloon...cough) as well as lots of chances to see the 4-piece "Small Messengers" in Nov. and Dec. See you out there!