Ready, Set, Go!

Happy New Year! I know, I know...a little late, but there has been so much going on around here!

Just a quick recap...we had a little bit of down time last month. While forced to slow down for a hot minute due to my neck surgery and the holidays , we were finally able to get out and enjoy listening to live music for a change! We got to see our good friends' band, some new bands, and some new venues. What came out of that was some really good ideas and a need to shake things up! Most of you know that Andrew and I are also in another project called "Memphis Hangover" (a plugged in rock & country band). After all playing a short set together at a fundraiser in December and LOVING the sound, a lightbulb went off and we thought....why can't we just merge the 2 bands and be able to play some much bigger stages occasionally?!?!

Flash forward to now....after a bunch of phone calls and emails...we have some great bigger stages (with actual dance floors!) lined up and a great group of musicians. When we are in the bigger line up, Suzanne is trading in the bass for keyboards...which is her original instrument and I am sooo happy since I still can't figure out how to play with 2 hands!! Mark is still on our crazy looking drum kit, I'm still singing and playing the goofy sounds on the mini keys and Andrew is freed up to play some mandolin or just sing if he feels like it; which is a treat because that comes complete with some awesome dance moves!  We have an outstanding bass player and 2 other amazing guitar players, one of whom will add some banjo and lap/pedal steel guitar!! Still the same killer harmonies you are used too, just a bigger, fuller sound and lots of new tunes!! 

Big tour news coming soon! The Messengers are hitting the road for real in 2015! Stay tuned for the 411....what I can say for now is we are back on Lake Geneva this summer, so book those weekend getaways soon! And then watch for Chicagoland shows at places like Tailgaters, Firewater Saloon and Frankie's Blue Room!