From Little Big Town to KISS

So, in exciting news, The Messengers got mentioned on the radio!  Listen to Lisa Dent from US99 tell Little Big Town about us at the link below!

Listen: Little Big Town Finds Out They Have Their Own Cover Band! - Country Music News, Artists, Interviews - US99.5

"So Lisa had a band play a party @ her house over the weekend. Turns out a couple of the band members are in another band that only does Little Big Town" ...

While we're enormous fans of Little Big Town and DO cover them in our set, we're not exactly a tribute band.  In fact, we've just uploaded a more recent list of ALL the songs we're playing  this season under our Press Kit section -- plus we have all new songs and new surprises in the works.  Including, YES, a cover of Day Drinking. Because, who doesn't love that song?

The other big thing we're working on is contacting festivals for next summer.  If you'd like us to contact the one in your town, drop us a note here and we'll make sure they're on our list!

And, next weekend is Halloween.  We're headlining the party at McGonigal's in Barrington.  And YES.  Just as Andy threatened, we WILL be dressing as KISS.  And actual KISS songs will be performed.  Because half female acoustic bands known for singing 4-part harmony really need to cover "God of Thunder."  Just sayin'.  

Hope to see you there!