Damn... time flies

Hey folks... Andrew Here.

So, we started this summer with a full schedule and big plans. We're about at the half-way point and so far we've played about 25 shows, taped a concert for our fans, recorded some new original material for an upcoming release, hit a few concert series and fests... and generally worn ourselves ragged. Seriously.

But it's not nearly over. We're on this train right through September. We just came back from mixing and editing the Video of the Nevin's show... and Chuck Brown and his crew make us look like rock stars. (Well.. more like rock stars in Emily's case.) This thing is going to be epic. Full 24-track audio synced to a 5 camera shoot. If you haven't yet seen the Messengers... or your friends are wondering why you spend your weekends with an "acoustic" band... this is going to answer a lot of questions. 

This weekend we're back downtown for a couple shows... at our old hangout Dugan's tonight and then down at the big Columbia Yacht Club for a private show tomorrow. We get to see fireworks at Navy Pier up close. Then - believe it or not - we are getting together Sunday for a rehearsal and photo shoot. I doubt there is enough make-up in Illinois to cover the black circles that will be under my eyes... but there just isn't any other time to do it... and our photographer has locations all reserved. 

New songs next show. More One Republic... Cindy.. we're going through Only You....  More dance stuff... somebody said Stevie Wonder... it's all happening. At once pretty much. But it's fun...

Fair warning... we're going on at least a 2 week vacation in Oct. Also... tour next spring... Nashville... Florida... we'll keep you posted. I'll sleep when I'm dead.