And... it's time! Messengers 2018

Wow... time flies. What's new? Mark is back from hiatus. The summer is filling up fast with fests, fun and more parties by the lake. We've added about 30 new songs for 2018 including a bunch of mashups and medley's.

The expanded band is sounding great, so make sure you come catch us with Chris and/or Tom and/or Dave on lead Guitar. New venues continue to call... but still at our favorites. Look for us everywhere this year... we are the foot soldiers of funk... the commandos of country.

This weekend, let's kick it off right in the big tents at The Tap House Grill Palatine & Barrington Celtic Fest. Come help us drown this damnable winter in Green beer. Slante!


New videos posted

So... we continue to be the hardest working... yet least posting band... in Chicagoland. So far this year we're at about 75 shows... and on track for 100 this year. So you know why we never have time to post.

BUT... when we get new video from Chuck Brown and his crew of one of our shows... it's time to hit the interwebs. We just posted 2 songs from the "Big Messengers" show at Tailgaters last March. (Yeah... Chuck is as busy as we are.)

Our board feed got screwed up at this show.. so you get camera sound only. But I think it still sounds good and shows how much fun we all were having. We'll have Chuck back for a multi-track audio show soon.. but in the meantime, check out the new videos of "Slide" and "Country Girl Shake it For Me."

More "Big Messengers" shows coming up (cough... Firewater Saloon...cough) as well as lots of chances to see the 4-piece "Small Messengers" in Nov. and Dec. See you out there!


Testing... 1,2,3... Is this thing on?


It's summer. Wow. Things got a bit away from us. Super amazingly crazy busy right now... but wanted to thank everyone that has been coming out lately. Our crowds keeps getting bigger.. last week at Chucks we have people coming in from Barrington, Naperville and Rockford... to WISCONSIN! 

Yeah... it's summer. Check the schedule and you'll see we have a TON of big and important shows at great bars and fests. Lots of those will feature the expanded band... Messengers plugged in and with full lead guitar and keys. (thanks Chris and Bob... you make us sound great.) 

But... enough. This goes out to all the fans... we have a VERY big show coming up this Friday in the far south at 115 Bourbon St. We're playing early... in the beer garden, and then our good friends Billy Croft and the 5 Alarm take the main stage. If you were going to travel.. this would be a good one. It's the straight 4-piece you know and love... but with lots of new songs at one of the best venues in Chicagoland. We're even going to do Geronimo....

Thanks for the continued support. August is looking huge for us... bring out your friends and let us know what the next round of songs should be. Uptown Funk was a crowd suggestion and it's KILLING. Hope the summer is going well for you all... and see you out there. 

Must remember... it's a marathon... not a sprint. We're not really good at that... lol.


Ready, Set, Go!

Happy New Year! I know, I know...a little late, but there has been so much going on around here!

Just a quick recap...we had a little bit of down time last month. While forced to slow down for a hot minute due to my neck surgery and the holidays , we were finally able to get out and enjoy listening to live music for a change! We got to see our good friends' band, some new bands, and some new venues. What came out of that was some really good ideas and a need to shake things up! Most of you know that Andrew and I are also in another project called "Memphis Hangover" (a plugged in rock & country band). After all playing a short set together at a fundraiser in December and LOVING the sound, a lightbulb went off and we thought....why can't we just merge the 2 bands and be able to play some much bigger stages occasionally?!?!

Flash forward to now....after a bunch of phone calls and emails...we have some great bigger stages (with actual dance floors!) lined up and a great group of musicians. When we are in the bigger line up, Suzanne is trading in the bass for keyboards...which is her original instrument and I am sooo happy since I still can't figure out how to play with 2 hands!! Mark is still on our crazy looking drum kit, I'm still singing and playing the goofy sounds on the mini keys and Andrew is freed up to play some mandolin or just sing if he feels like it; which is a treat because that comes complete with some awesome dance moves!  We have an outstanding bass player and 2 other amazing guitar players, one of whom will add some banjo and lap/pedal steel guitar!! Still the same killer harmonies you are used too, just a bigger, fuller sound and lots of new tunes!! 

Big tour news coming soon! The Messengers are hitting the road for real in 2015! Stay tuned for the 411....what I can say for now is we are back on Lake Geneva this summer, so book those weekend getaways soon! And then watch for Chicagoland shows at places like Tailgaters, Firewater Saloon and Frankie's Blue Room!


From Little Big Town to KISS

So, in exciting news, The Messengers got mentioned on the radio!  Listen to Lisa Dent from US99 tell Little Big Town about us at the link below!

Listen: Little Big Town Finds Out They Have Their Own Cover Band! - Country Music News, Artists, Interviews - US99.5

"So Lisa had a band play a party @ her house over the weekend. Turns out a couple of the band members are in another band that only does Little Big Town" ...

While we're enormous fans of Little Big Town and DO cover them in our set, we're not exactly a tribute band.  In fact, we've just uploaded a more recent list of ALL the songs we're playing  this season under our Press Kit section -- plus we have all new songs and new surprises in the works.  Including, YES, a cover of Day Drinking. Because, who doesn't love that song?

The other big thing we're working on is contacting festivals for next summer.  If you'd like us to contact the one in your town, drop us a note here and we'll make sure they're on our list!

And, next weekend is Halloween.  We're headlining the party at McGonigal's in Barrington.  And YES.  Just as Andy threatened, we WILL be dressing as KISS.  And actual KISS songs will be performed.  Because half female acoustic bands known for singing 4-part harmony really need to cover "God of Thunder."  Just sayin'.  

Hope to see you there!


Sunday morning quarterback:)

It's Sunday...after 3 shows in 2 days, I am still in my pajamas and have no intention of getting out of them today! Football is on, which means I am glued to my Yahoo stats and yelling at the TV (huge fantasy football geek!)  The kids are playing various intstruments --yep; it's always loud here!

 But for a few brief minutes it was quiet. And after some amazing shows this weekend, I spent the morning with my coffee updating all of the social media, calendars, and website. I am the newbie to this band stuff, and I have to tell you that I still get so excited to wake up after a show and see that the numbers have jumped up. From a marketing perspective, I should know that means we are doing our job...but I take it very personally (sometimes too much so).  I am still getting comfortable with the compliments given in the moment (I know-- forever my own worst critic), but then hours or days later you seek us out on one of the million social media outlets and "like" us, write a small note or post a picture. I am so flattered that you have taken the time to do that, and more importantly, were entertained enough to possibly want to come see us again!! Thank you all for keeping this so much fun for me! 

Hopefully we will get to see you soon! We have another show coming up in the city at Dugan's on Halsted. If you have only seen the bigger stage show, here is your chance to get up close and personal...literally. I love the smaller settings sometimes--way more interaction with the crowd. And then there is the big Halloween bash at McGonigal's Irish Pub in Barrington. I don't want to give too much away...but the costumes have been ordered and believe me when I say, you won't want to miss this and you will probably end up with some blackmail photos!! 


Video? Check!

Folks... summer is almost over. We've had a blast playing for you and wanted it to last forever. And what better way to commemorate it that with a feature length video of one of our shows?

Here's a quick sample. Us playing at Nevin's Brewing Co. on Sat. July 5th at the height of this summers insanity. To all that attended.. thanks! To all that missed it... we will be producing DVDs of the full performance for sale at our upcoming fall shows.

This Friday we return to Quigley's... back in Naperville where this all started... for an end of summer party. Join us... it's a great bar with great friends and lots of places to sit and talk as well as enjoy the music. 

Fall is booking up fast. Sigh. As Cage the Elephant made clear... Ain't No Rest for the Wicked. But we're ready... New songs being added and for a all-new set. Maybe even an electric show or two (Sue has been seen playing a Fender Jazz bass lately at shows.) Stay tuned... 




Damn... time flies

Hey folks... Andrew Here.

So, we started this summer with a full schedule and big plans. We're about at the half-way point and so far we've played about 25 shows, taped a concert for our fans, recorded some new original material for an upcoming release, hit a few concert series and fests... and generally worn ourselves ragged. Seriously.

But it's not nearly over. We're on this train right through September. We just came back from mixing and editing the Video of the Nevin's show... and Chuck Brown and his crew make us look like rock stars. (Well.. more like rock stars in Emily's case.) This thing is going to be epic. Full 24-track audio synced to a 5 camera shoot. If you haven't yet seen the Messengers... or your friends are wondering why you spend your weekends with an "acoustic" band... this is going to answer a lot of questions. 

This weekend we're back downtown for a couple shows... at our old hangout Dugan's tonight and then down at the big Columbia Yacht Club for a private show tomorrow. We get to see fireworks at Navy Pier up close. Then - believe it or not - we are getting together Sunday for a rehearsal and photo shoot. I doubt there is enough make-up in Illinois to cover the black circles that will be under my eyes... but there just isn't any other time to do it... and our photographer has locations all reserved. 

New songs next show. More One Republic... Cindy.. we're going through Only You....  More dance stuff... somebody said Stevie Wonder... it's all happening. At once pretty much. But it's fun...

Fair warning... we're going on at least a 2 week vacation in Oct. Also... tour next spring... Nashville... Florida... we'll keep you posted. I'll sleep when I'm dead.


So It's June...

That’s when The Messengers basically become Band On the Run. (Maybe we should add that one…. Hmmmm.)  Anyway, we are everywhere from the City, to south in Shorewood, to across the border in Fontana, WI this month.  That means, no matter where YOU are; you will probably have a show happening near you!

We are also extraordinarily honored to be playing a number of events for the Old Town Triangle Association beginning with their upcoming First Sight Gala at the Instituto Cervantes on Saturday, June 7th from 7-10 p.m. Tickets are still available on a limited basis at the link below.

We will then be playing on the next Saturday, June 14, at the Old Town Art Fair, itself.  From 4-6 p.m. on the Main Stage at Wisconsin and Orleans.

From there, we pack it up and head to Greektown to play our second show of the day at Dugan’s on Halsted from 9-1.  This would be a fun day to see us and see how we’re holding up.  Because, honestly, it’s shaping up to be that kind of summer.

Like the great Warren Zevon, we’ll sleep when we’re dead.

But we’ll be LIVE all this month.  Check out our TOUR page for the latest details.



Monday Morning... You sure look fine...

So... today as we do our usual back to work routine after the weekend's shows (Thank you Four Farthings and esp. D Hangout! what a cool new room!) we are also buying Fleetwood Mac tickets.

First tour with the full band in years... and we could hardly miss out on seeing one of our musical touchstones at full power. However, it's also got me thinking...

Why do so few bands mix female and male musicians? It's just bizarre to me. Anyone who has seen us knows that the girls totally make the Messengers. There seem to be a lot of female fronted bands out there... but the full Fleetwood Mac mix with girls playing in the band still seems unusual. And that's just weird in a country with a majority female population.

There are exceptions. We listen to a lot of Lake St. Dive on the way to shows these days. But it's still a testosterone soaked music scene out there. Too bad... chicks rock. Don't believe me? Come out to the Broken Oar this weekend. I'll prove it.


Wow... you like us.. you really like us!

Hey, checking the stats. We are getting an amazing amount of traffic for the first day of this thing. Thanks folks! Good to know you are out there. Hope you dig the site and we see you all out at Four Farthings on Friday (and for the suburban crowd... at the Memphis Hangover show at Tilted Kilt on Sat. in Woodridge.)

See you guys..



We've had people asking about the new website for months now. I know. Four marketing pros in the band and we can't get a simple website up and running. Well.. we are BUSY! But Em and I stayed up late and with the help of much coffee, we've knocked this damn thing out!

So... here you go! We will be posting regularly letting you know how the spring/summer is going. Lot's of shows... new songs being added... whole nine yards.

And let us know what is on your mind. Comment away. Tell us what you think. Do that crazy social thing that the web machine is famous for. We want to know. 

This week... back at our home base. Looking forward to seeing the faithful come out at Four Farthings... Cindy...we are looking at you!